Oct 25, 2013

Gift Bag from Vintage Linen / Rustic Gift Bag / Grainsack gift wrap

    This rustic gift bag is made from antique linen fabric (homespun and handwoven).
     Decorative hemp string is added at the top part so you can fasten all the gifts inside the bag.
      You could use it: to put in little gifts, to store things like jewelry, make-up, hygienic items in the bath, toys, many nice little things. 

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        MATERIAL AND COLOR: hemp fabric, hand loomed.
Blue and purple decor stripes. The stripes are handwoven on both sides.
The fabrics tone is a natural oatmeal tone.

          TEXTURE: Medium to light weight textured fabric, with a beautifull nuby, rustic texture.

           MEASURES: 8.6inches x 6.3inches ( 22cm x 16cm)

Visit Medreana Etsy Store 
These textiles are, by nature, extremely Eco-friendly! The average age of these textiles is 100 years and they were naturally home grown, home retted (in local lakes and ponds) and woven by hand. These textiles are being re-cycled today and showing off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations! Yet another feature that makes these textiles extremely eco-friendly is their durability.
  These textiles were designed to endure generations of constant use and will have an extremely long life. The timeless beauty of this linen and their extraordinary quality make these textiles the perfect choice for any home and an environmentally friendly choice.
Hemp linen adds a bit of history and authentic vintage charm to whatever it touches! 
Perfect for vintage French country or farmhouse decor. 
The color will get lighter and prettier when they're washed.

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